CardStarter Teams With Superfarm to Enhance IDO Events

CardStarter Teams With Superfarm to Enhance IDO Events

Leading cross-chain protocol powered by DeFi to facilitate the seamless launch of Non-Fungible Tokens, SuperFarm has proudly announced its strategic partnership with CardStarter, the renowned incubator, and launchpad for Cardano products.

The collaboration will allow the DeFi community to access innovative opportunities, aid expansion of the SuperStarter pool, and provide early-bird entry to Cardano projects to those holding SUPER tokens. With joint efforts, the integrating portals will strive together to provide an exclusive Initial DEX Offering (IDO) experience to the customers. The users will enjoy high-class security and compliance facilities. The integrating firms will nurture and support promising projects, which will eventually help in expanding their individual verticals.

SuperStarter is the dedicated crowdfunding channel designed by SuperFarm to leverage necessary support to potential tier-one projects. It is a perfect collection of launchpad services related to fundraising, operations, promotion, development, advisory, etc. The portal aspires to launch innovative solutions on leading channels like Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, etc., to increase the popularity of decentralized projects.

The native council of the SuperStarter portal includes the best minds from the crypto industry who review a project and approve them for entering the ecosystem. The accepted projects get access to SuperFarm’s cluster that includes a plethora of tools and services like the NFT Launchpad, NFT staking, and incentive facilities. The projects then become part of the SUPERVERSE, a dedicated cluster of NFTs and gaming solutions. The NFT solutions of SuperFarm and related partners will be given access to AAA video games for an exclusive digital experience to the fans.

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